Wright Engineering offers the U.K. Waste and Recycling Industry sector with a variety of services

Wright Engineering has been providing the UK Waste Recycling Industry with a variety of services for the past 5 years. Our materials handling expertise, honed in the rugged environment of quarries and building materials, has enabled us to provide complete project solutions to this growing industrial sector.


We have installed a wide variety of equipment at a number of new waste and recycling facilities in the UK. Our Fabrication facility has provided in excess of £1 million worth of chute and plate work in 2009 to one project alone. Wright Engineering has also supplied steelwork, maintenance access and stairways to both mount, and enable the operation of, client provided process equipment.

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Wright Engineering has been employed at new waste recycling facilities to provide installation labour, supervision and management. These site teams have installed client supplied plant and equipment to tight timescales, safely and efficiently.

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  • Wright Engineering Exhibiting at Hillhead Buxton -28-30th June 2016

        http://www.hillhead.com/exhibitors/wright-engineering-ltd?&azletter=W&searchgroup=libraryentry-exhibitors http://www.agg-net.com/equipment-services/wright-engineering-ltd        

  • Wright engineering contiune their working partnership with Clugstons at the Wilton RDF

    Wright engineering have recenetly completed the installation of 4, 17 tonne chute liners at the Wilton EFW facilaty on behalf of Clugstons, the chutes due to their size and weight had to be assembled in posistion from pre profiled plates, and then fully welded to seal and protect the concrete subbase. The works recently completed […]

  • Hemswell Biogas Hydraulic Arm installation

    Customer: Hemswell Biogas. Contract: To supply a mechanical arm to move waste from a designated pit into a material hopper, the arm has a 16mtr reach and will lift 1.5tonnes at full stretch and is capable of 20TPH, the machine is radio controlled and can either be operated from the floor level or from the […]

  • Conveyor C21 Replacement Hope Construction Materials Limited Dowlow Quarry

    Hope Construction Materials Ltd recent takeover of Dowlow Quarry near Buxton ensured the continued supply of high quality limestone material to their neighbour, Omya. The extracted material is of a very high grade and as such demand at a premium with the final product being used in the manufacture of pharmaceutical products as well as […]


For more information on any of our Engineering Design, Fabrication and Installation Services / General Enquiries, please make your enquiry via the Enquiries Page. Alternatively you can contact us direct by telephoning 01909 730507, or by emailing us at enquiries@wrighteng.co.uk
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