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Wright Engineering have been at the forefront of cutting edge Engineering Design, Fabrication and Installation solutions for over 25 years. Based at our headquarters in North Nottinghamshire, Wright Engineering work around the world on complex design and engineering projects. Our philosophy of commitment to excellence and a continuing investment in the latest technologies ensure we remain a leader within our industry.

Wright Engineering launch Mediright

Wright Engineering has just announced the launch of Mediright. The professional services that the new company will provide include an On-Site Health Screening service that will revolutionise your place of work and the way you view Health and Safety.

By using Professional RGN Nurses who dedicate their time and expertise to each and every one of your employee’s Mediright will be an invaluable asset for your company.

• Reduce absenteeism, which in turn will repay any cost many times over
• Reduce Insurance premiums in the majority of cases.
• Help guard against future litigation.
• Make your work place safer, and reduce accidents.
• Reduce time and resources spent on rehabilitation.
• Promote the Corporate Responsibility of the company.
• Provide in-house access to medical advice and services.
• Send a strong message to your staff, that you care about their well being.
• Help save lives!

Mediright will allow you to demonstrate how you have met your obligations to monitor the health of your employees as a means to measure the effectiveness of your Control Measures.

Mediright will visit your place of work, to minimise disruption, and project manage the whole operation from start to finish, adding value not cost.

Influence Drug and Alcohol Testing

With ever more complex issues surrounding substance abuse you will appreciate that an effective Policy, including an effective Drug and Alcohol Screening Programme will help to ensure that you minimize potential problems. The Mediright ‘Influence’ package is there exactly for that purpose

Our professional Registered General Nurses are trained in the correct protocol and have access to independent external laboratories, to ensure and protect the interests of the individual and the company at all times.

Stewart Wright – Chairman of Wright Engineering, commented, “In May 2009 I used guidance from the HSE to implement Health Screening and Drug and Alcohol testing across the whole of my workforce. I am proud to report that both are now valued additions to my company policy. I am convinced the professional services that Mediright provide will not only save money across Industry and the NHS but more importantly save lives.


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