Wright Engineering is delighted to have successfully completed its latest project on behalf of Carbon8 Systems.

Carbon8 has developed an award-winning process called Accelerated Carbonation Technology which can treat a broad range of industrial by-products and residues. The process has a number of advantages including the capture of CO2 thereby preserving the environment, rapid treatment where the waste has been generated and the creation of a manufactured aggregate and mineral rich fertiliser.

Having licenced the technology to a number of centralised plants, Carbon8 has recently developed a modular, containerised system that is capable of being deployed directly on-site and can be integrated into existing industrial processes. The first successful demonstration of this system took place in Toronto, Ontario in 2018.

Wright Engineering has provided its skill and expertise to Carbon8 throughout the design and manufacturing process and further demonstrated its engineering versatility being involved in such a specialised project.

Chris Boden-Hook (Managing Director) commented ‘Wright Engineering has a strong working relationship with Carbon8 and our involvement in this new containerised system from conception to fabrication has been exciting for the whole team.

Bringing a new innovation to the market is always difficult but there are now significant levels of interest in this system from leading companies across a number of industries. This interest is translating into sales and the company has just fulfilled an order with another unit in manufacture and several due to be built in the new year. I am confident that both Carbon8 and Wright Engineering will have a busy 2020 as word gets out and demand increases’.

For more information on the system, please visit http://c8s.co.uk/