New Electrostatic Painting System

Wright Engineering has invested in the latest electrostatic painting system for its spray shop, located at its headquarters in Worksop.

Electrostatic painting is a process of using a magnetic field to apply to metals and various types of plastics. It is based on the principle that “opposites attract”. The object to be painted is given a negative charge, and the paint is given a positive charge. The paint is then atomised through a special round revolving nozzle. The object attracts the paint – it is not sprayed on, instead it is plated on. The result is a durable, smooth and hard paint finish that is superior to conventional painting methods.

The process is both efficient and environmentally friendly. Indeed, there is a 98% rate of paint transfer to the object that is being sprayed. As such, there is practically no overspray meaning less paint particles are released into the air. The result is an improvement in air quality and a safer working environment.

Staff have been given comprehensive training on the new process which is now in full operation and has been utilised on several contracts in recent weeks.

Chris Boden-Hook (Managing Director) commented “Utilising an electrostatic paint process provides an excellent finish quality and a very high transfer efficiency leading to cost savings for paint, faster production times and less clean-up. It is important that we continue to invest in systems that will move the business forward and demonstrate to our clients that we can offer the very best services.”

Lily Mae Foundation

Wright Engineering employees attended the annual Lily Mae Foundation Charity Golf Day and Dinner Dance on 26 April 2019 at the Belfry Hotel and Resort. The company also provided a prize for the raffle/auction.

The Lily Mae Foundation is a charity that was formed in 2010 by Ryan and Amy Jackson following the loss of their daughter. It provides much needed support to parents and families that have lost a baby to stillbirth, neonatal death or medical termination.

The event was an overwhelming success, raising a grand total of £24,500.00 (the best year to date!).

The money will be used to provide a further 300 memory boxes to local hospitals in support of bereaved parents and their families as well as helping to fund a new 1 to 1 Babyloss Support Service.

Wright Engineering is proud to support the important work that the Lily Mae Foundation performs, and it looks forward to attending next year’s event.

For further information and to donate:

Successful completion of Falkirk Wheel

Wright Engineering is pleased to announce that it has successfully completed the repair and refurbishment of the Falkirk Wheel during its planned 2019 closure.

Manufactured in Derbyshire in 1998, the Falkirk Wheel is now an iconic Scottish and engineering landmark. It is in fact the only rotating boat lift in the world and connects the Forth & Clyde and Union Canals in central Scotland. The wheel consists of two gondolas, one at each side of the axle, that are in turn connected to an aqueduct and a basin via a series of seals and watertight doors.

Wright Engineering was contracted by Amco Giffen (on behalf of Scottish Canals) following a rigorous bid process. The works began with the fabrication and machining of new bearings and shaft-arm assemblies, to a quality-controlled manufacturing process, to achieve precise tolerances (0.1mm concentricity over 5.43 metre pitch) and critical quality standards. For example, water jet profiling – UT check for laminations – controlled electrical preheat – sequenced welding to balance weld shrinkage – finish machining of critical features – control of dissimilar metals.

Subsequently, our experienced construction team removed, refitted and commissioned all four watertight gondola doors (each weighing 4.5 tonnes) and bearing assemblies over a three-month period. The doors were lifted using a mobile crane that was attached to four purpose built lifting brackets. This allowed the doors to be raised at 45 degrees whilst being winched carefully away from the wheel.

Other works included the replacement of the hydraulic cylinders, hydraulic accumulators, bearing assemblies, taper locks, door levers, shaft-arm assembly, door seals, bushes and new welded brackets.

The contract was led by Mike Tuxworth (Project Engineer) who commented ‘We were thrilled to work on the wheel and equally delighted that it is now complete and can be enjoyed by the general public. Given its unique design, a number of complex engineering problems presented during the works but thankfully, we were able to overcome these difficulties by adopting a collaborative approach. The client is very pleased with the end result and we very much look forward to working with Amco Giffen in the future should such an opportunity arise’.

New Graduate Hire – Ben Doxey

Wright Engineering is delighted to welcome Ben Doxey who joins the company as a Graduate Sales Engineer.

Ben is currently employed on a part time basis whilst he studies towards a degree in Product Design Engineering but will join the company full time following successful completion of the course in May 2019.

The company received hundreds of applications from prospective graduates and the recruitment process was demanding. Ben was successful at securing the position due to his enthusiasm for engineering coupled with his impressive work portfolio and references.

Chris Boden-Hook (Managing Director) commented ‘We make sure that our graduates get the best possible starts to their careers and have access to the learning development and experiences they need to progress. Ben will work closely with our Sales Director (who also joined as a graduate) and be involved with a wide range of projects and clients from an early stage. It is certainly an exciting time to join Wright Engineering and we are very pleased that Ben is now part of our growing team’.

Outside of work, Ben enjoys playing rugby and has captained teams at county and professional level.

Mediright – New Commercial Premises

Due to the sustained growth of Wright Engineering and Mediright Corporate Healthcare (part of the Wright Group of Companies), Mediright has relocated its business operation to new commercial premises, located little over a mile away from the Group HQ (and opposite another group company – Wright Demolition) in Worksop, Nottinghamshire.

Mediright provides health related services to businesses including an employee entry medical, drug and alcohol testing, vison testing, on-site health surveillance, wellbeing and screening, sickness absence management and spirometry.

The new premises have self-contained screening rooms, improved garage capacity for the fleet of Mediright screening vehicles and additional parking for client employees attending for screening. Indeed, the move considerably increases Mediright’s operational and storage capacity and will allow for further expansion in the future.

The move has also given Wright Engineering much needed space to accommodate several new employees across all departments and expand its drawing office, thus boosting its design capabilities.

Stewart Wright (Chairman of the Wright Group) commented ‘The Group’s business performance levels are excellent. The Managing Directors of each company and their respective management teams should be proud of their achievements. There has been significant financial investment in the Group HQ in recent years to provide the best facilities for its companies to succeed and flourish. However, we had simply run out of space. The new premises became available at precisely the right time and it was too good of an opportunity to miss out on. The move means that Wright Engineering and Mediright can continue to grow and create even more new jobs going forward’.

Successful Completion of Etex Group Contracts

Wright Engineering is thrilled to have completed its latest project on behalf of Etex Building Performance UK (‘EBP’).

EBP (part of the Etex Group) manufactures drywall products and systems for partitions, ceilings, wall linings and external sheathing purposes.

The works (performed under a consortium agreement led by Claudius Peters Projects (‘CPP’)) involved the design, manufacture, delivery and installation of a new milling and calcining system capable of processing natural gypsum, desulphogypsum and reclaim.

Wright Engineering designed the steelwork using its Tekla 3D modelling software, ensuring a precision fit for the CPP processing equipment. This meticulous approach was imperative given that the structure required the company to manufacture over 250 tonnes of Execution Class 2 steelwork upon which 250 tonnes of equipment and ducting was placed. Further works by Wright Engineering included all field wiring and testing, a full building envelope and liaising with the local authority in respect of building regulation compliance. 

At its peak, the company had a dedicated on-site team of 40 staff and subcontractors working diligently on the installation.

The conclusion of the above project marks the end of three high-value contracts awarded to Wright Engineering by Etex in connection with the development of its Ferrybridge site. Indeed, the company has recently manufactured and installed (1) a new reclaim plant equipped with an ACTA recycling crusher; and (2) two mill feed conveyors with a processing capacity of 60 tonnes per hour.

Josh Jepson (Sales Director) commented “We are delighted that Wright Engineering were able to transform EBP’s process with an innovative turnkey solution. The company continues to prove that it has the requisite expertise to execute complicated projects and is fast becoming the go to contractor for industry leading companies wanting to invest in and expand on their current operation”.


Wright Engineering is pleased to announce that it has been awarded a high value contract by ISOVER to replace end of life ducting at its Runcorn facility.

ISOVER is part of the Saint-Gobain group and a leading manufacturer and supplier of mineral wool insulation products and systems.

The challenging design, construction and location of the ducting dictates that this is not just your typical ducting replacement work. Nevertheless, it has given Wright Engineering the perfect opportunity to showcase its cutting-edge surveying and design techniques.

Using the industry leading Tekla software, the original installation has undergone laser scanning and a 3D model of the structure has been generated. This model has enabled the Wright Engineering design team to produce significantly detailed and reliable drawings of the new ducting and provide a full analysis of the optimum material for use in its fabrication.

The contract is being is overseen by Pete Bussey (Project Manager) who commented ‘The contract will be demanding but final result will be very rewarding. The installation of the new ducting is time critical due to ISOVER manufacturing schedule. Therefore, we have had to utilise innovative approaches and methodology both at design and the impending installation stage of the project’.

Chris Boden-Hook (Managing Director) said ‘The tender process was rigorous, so I am delighted that the company has been awarded this contract, it’s a big win. This award further demonstrates the strength and quality of Wright Engineering and its skilled workforce and the trust that major companies have in our ability to deliver complex projects under significant time pressures’.

He further added ‘Wright Engineering has a strong and ongoing relationship with the Saint-Gobain group and a 30-year association with British Gypsum (also part of the Saint-Gobain Group). We look forward to working with ISOVER and delivering a first-class service’.


We are pleased to announce that Jason Matthysz, Matthew Wagstaff and Josh Marriott (pictured with Andrew Molyneux – Quality Manager) have successfully completed stage one of the MMA Level 2 qualification in welding.

The welding qualification is designed to build upon foundation welding skills and focuses primarily on manual metal arc welding, the most flexible and widely used arc welding process in the engineering industry and an expertise demanded by clients on most major projects.

Jason, Matthew and Josh joined Wright Engineering on an apprenticeship scheme and are now fully qualified Mechanical Fitters. Due to their excellent work performance, it was an easy decision for the company to further invest in their broader skills training and career development.

The achievement of the welding qualification is made even more impressive by the fact that the course was attended and studied at a local night school during an extremely busy period for the company.

Chris Boden-Hook (Managing Director) commented ‘Wright Engineering has a long history of training and employing multi-skilled engineers. Continued investment in education forms part of our overall business strategy and ensures that our on-site teams are trained to and operate in accordance with the highest industry standards. I congratulate Jason, Matt and Josh on their dedication and success. From my own experience, the welding qualification is an excellent additional skill to have. Therefore, the company has enrolled another six employees from its production and installation teams to study the course’.


Wright Engineering is delighted to welcome Michael Wilmott who joins the company as a Design Engineer.

Michael has an HNC in Mechanical Engineering and over 5 years of practical design experience for a steel fabrication company, working on a variety of complex and technically demanding projects. He is currently studying towards an HND top up qualification to formally recognise and expand upon his design knowledge.

Mark Foy (Design Office Manager) commented ‘I would like to welcome Michael to the company. He is a skilled designer that will bolster the department and add significant value to our design capabilities’.

Chris Boden-Hook (Managing Director) said ‘Wright Engineering is now entering a new phase of growth and we are continuously on the lookout for high quality candidates to complement our existing talent. Michael fits that criteria and I look forward to seeing his career develop with the company. On a wider note, our recent hires demonstrate the continued appeal of the company to leading talent from across the industry’.

Speaking about his appointment, Michael said ‘I’m very pleased to have joined Wright Engineering. It’s certainly a team-orientated environment and I’m looking forward to working with my colleagues and contributing on upcoming projects’.


The Wright Group is celebrating the success of one of its staff, Harry Jackson, who has attained qualification as a Chartered Accountant and gained membership of the prestigious Chartered Institute of Management Accountants (‘CIMA’).

The CIMA professional qualification is recognised worldwide as the most relevant global finance qualification for a career in business. In addition to the core technical financial accounting skills expected of a professional accountant, graduates are equipped with the skills needed to be able to analyse and understand the economics of a businesses’ operations.

Harry joined the Wright Group in 2013 as an accounts trainee and was subsequently promoted to the role of Management Accountant. He is now responsible for or assists on all finance related matters including the management accounts, tax returns and cash flow forecasts for companies within the Wright Group.

Speaking about his accomplishment, Harry commented ‘I’m delighted to be qualifying. It represents a huge milestone in my career. I would like to give special thanks to my colleagues in the accounts department for their support and guidance throughout my training’.

Chris Boden-Hook (Managing Director) commented ‘We believe the training and development of our staff is very important if our business is to continue to grow in such a highly competitive industry. It remains a key part of our business strategy. Qualifying as a Chartered Accountant is a fantastic achievement and I congratulate Harry on doing so. Harry has displayed a tremendous level of hard-work, dedication and aptitude to both his studies and his job role. He is a valued member of the team and I wish him continued success as he develops his career with us’.

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