Wright Engineering would like to welcome Mark Rushton to the Design Team

Mark Rushton joins the Design Department as Design Engineer with over 30 years of experience within the structural and material handling industry.

Mark Foy (Design Office Manager) commented ”The industry knowledge and experience Mark has will be a valuable asset to the both the Design Office and the Company.”

We would like to the opportunity to wish Mark the best of luck with his new role.

Mark Dove Joins the Design Team

Wright Engineering would like to welcome Mark Dove to the company. Mark joins the Design Office as Draughtsperson.

Mark has worked within the structural steelwork Industry for over 10 years and has very quickly integrated into the existing team.

Mark Foy (Design Office Manager) added ”Mark’s past experience has allowed him to hit the ground running, I have no doubt that he will be a great asset to the company.’

Carbon8 Container

Wright Engineering is delighted to have successfully completed its latest project on behalf of Carbon8 Systems.

Carbon8 has developed an award-winning process called Accelerated Carbonation Technology which can treat a broad range of industrial by-products and residues. The process has a number of advantages including the capture of CO2 thereby preserving the environment, rapid treatment where the waste has been generated and the creation of a manufactured aggregate and mineral rich fertiliser.

Having licenced the technology to a number of centralised plants, Carbon8 has recently developed a modular, containerised system that is capable of being deployed directly on-site and can be integrated into existing industrial processes. The first successful demonstration of this system took place in Toronto, Ontario in 2018.

Wright Engineering has provided its skill and expertise to Carbon8 throughout the design and manufacturing process and further demonstrated its engineering versatility being involved in such a specialised project.

Chris Boden-Hook (Managing Director) commented ‘Wright Engineering has a strong working relationship with Carbon8 and our involvement in this new containerised system from conception to fabrication has been exciting for the whole team.

Bringing a new innovation to the market is always difficult but there are now significant levels of interest in this system from leading companies across a number of industries. This interest is translating into sales and the company has just fulfilled an order with another unit in manufacture and several due to be built in the new year. I am confident that both Carbon8 and Wright Engineering will have a busy 2020 as word gets out and demand increases’.

For more information on the system, please visit http://c8s.co.uk/

New LED Lighting

Wright Engineering has completed the installation of LED lighting throughout its Worksop factory.

The new lighting will reduce energy consumption by up to 50% leading to a significant decrease in operating costs. The lighting also has a low CO2 output which is better for the environment and consistent with our newly implemented CSR strategy to prevent or mitigate the environmental impacts associated with our activities.

Investment in People

Wright Engineering would like to congratulate Mark Foy (Drawing Office Manager) for his acceptance onto the MSC Engineering Management course at Arden University and Ben Doxey (Graduate Sales Engineer) for his acceptance onto the MBA course at Sheffield Hallam University. Places on both courses were limited and Ben and Mark dedicated significant time and energy preparing their respective successful applications.

The company is proud to be providing full funding support for each course as part of its training and development strategy that seeks to build employee skill sets that in turn will help the business grow and improve.

Upon completion of the corresponding course, Mark and Ben will both achieve chartered status, a standing that is well regarded within the industry and to wider clients.

Chris Boden-Hook (Managing Director) commented ‘Competition for talent is growing and in today’s challenging environment it is vital that all employees feel valued and supported. To that extent, Wright Engineering encourages its employees to improve their skills and qualifications and develop their prospects for onward career progression with the company. We have a well-earned reputation for investment in people and I am delighted that Mark and Ben have committed to the next stage of their personal development journey which will no doubt benefit the business and its client base’

We wish Mark and Ben every success with their studies!

British Sugar Ducting Project

Wright Engineering is pleased to announce that it has completed its first project for British Sugar plc at its factory located in Cantley.

British Sugar (part of Associated British Foods plc) is the leading producer of sugar for the British and Irish food and beverage markets, processing circa 8 million tonnes of sugar beet and producing up to 1.4 million tonnes of sugar each year. It has invested over £250 million to improve its manufacturing plants in the past five years.

The tender process was both rigorous and fiercely competitive and because of the complexity of the works, supplier procurement was not price driven. The company was thrilled when it was awarded the high-value contract on the basis of its technical expertise, outstanding health and safety record and resource capability.

The project was led by Matthew Boden-Hook (Project Manager) and involved the removal of 200m of flu gas ducting and insulation, the survey and re-engineering of ‘Area 1’, manufacture and installation of flu gas ducting in high grade carbon steel complete with 15mm of external lagging, design check and supply of expansion joints and final compliance and smoke testing. All fabrication work was done in-house.

Due to the seasonal nature of its business, British Sugar required the works to be completed in accordance with a strict deadline. Wright Engineering received a contractual bonus payment for its performance against critical milestone dates.

Chris Boden-Hook (Managing Director) commented ‘Wright Engineering continues to demonstrate its ability to execute complex and time sensitive projects for major companies. I understand that the work was challenging so full credit to Matthew and his team who have done an excellent job. British Sugar is delighted with the upgraded ducting system and the manner in which the company conducted itself during every stage of the contract. We very much look forward to working with British Sugar again in the future should such an opportunity arise.

Apprentice Recruitment

Wright Engineering is delighted to welcome Nathan Fores (17), James Maddock (16) and Adam Miller (18) who have recently joined the company as apprentices.

The company received hundreds of applications for its apprenticeship scheme and whilst it was initially intent on recruiting one apprentice, the quality and enthusiasm displayed by the trio during the process resulted in the company shifting its recruitment position.  

Nathan is training to become a Project Engineer and James and Adam are both training to become Design Engineers. The trio will obtain practical work experience in their related departments and complete placements in other areas of the business to give a rounded view of how the company operates and the different departments interact.

In addition, the trio will attend Sheffield College over the next four years and undertake the Engineering Technical Apprenticeship course. Following successful completion, the trio will continue onto higher education in order to obtain an HNC, HND and finally, a degree in engineering or a related discipline.

Chris Boden-Hook (Managing Director) said ‘Wright Engineering is always on the lookout for high quality candidates at all levels to bolster its existing team. I am very pleased that Nathan, James and Adam have joined the company during this recent recruitment drive. There is in fact another engineering apprentice scheduled to join next year. The company continues to go from strength to strength and along with existing works, has several new major projects in the pipeline. As such, it is really important that succession planning and workforce investment remains at the forefront of our business strategy’.

New Electrostatic Painting System

Wright Engineering has invested in the latest electrostatic painting system for its spray shop, located at its headquarters in Worksop.

Electrostatic painting is a process of using a magnetic field to apply to metals and various types of plastics. It is based on the principle that “opposites attract”. The object to be painted is given a negative charge, and the paint is given a positive charge. The paint is then atomised through a special round revolving nozzle. The object attracts the paint – it is not sprayed on, instead it is plated on. The result is a durable, smooth and hard paint finish that is superior to conventional painting methods.

The process is both efficient and environmentally friendly. Indeed, there is a 98% rate of paint transfer to the object that is being sprayed. As such, there is practically no overspray meaning less paint particles are released into the air. The result is an improvement in air quality and a safer working environment.

Staff have been given comprehensive training on the new process which is now in full operation and has been utilised on several contracts in recent weeks.

Chris Boden-Hook (Managing Director) commented “Utilising an electrostatic paint process provides an excellent finish quality and a very high transfer efficiency leading to cost savings for paint, faster production times and less clean-up. It is important that we continue to invest in systems that will move the business forward and demonstrate to our clients that we can offer the very best services.”

Lily Mae Foundation

Wright Engineering employees attended the annual Lily Mae Foundation Charity Golf Day and Dinner Dance on 26 April 2019 at the Belfry Hotel and Resort. The company also provided a prize for the raffle/auction.

The Lily Mae Foundation is a charity that was formed in 2010 by Ryan and Amy Jackson following the loss of their daughter. It provides much needed support to parents and families that have lost a baby to stillbirth, neonatal death or medical termination.

The event was an overwhelming success, raising a grand total of £24,500.00 (the best year to date!).

The money will be used to provide a further 300 memory boxes to local hospitals in support of bereaved parents and their families as well as helping to fund a new 1 to 1 Babyloss Support Service.

Wright Engineering is proud to support the important work that the Lily Mae Foundation performs, and it looks forward to attending next year’s event.

For further information and to donate:


Successful completion of Falkirk Wheel

Wright Engineering is pleased to announce that it has successfully completed the repair and refurbishment of the Falkirk Wheel during its planned 2019 closure.

Manufactured in Derbyshire in 1998, the Falkirk Wheel is now an iconic Scottish and engineering landmark. It is in fact the only rotating boat lift in the world and connects the Forth & Clyde and Union Canals in central Scotland. The wheel consists of two gondolas, one at each side of the axle, that are in turn connected to an aqueduct and a basin via a series of seals and watertight doors.

Wright Engineering was contracted by Amco Giffen (on behalf of Scottish Canals) following a rigorous bid process. The works began with the fabrication and machining of new bearings and shaft-arm assemblies, to a quality-controlled manufacturing process, to achieve precise tolerances (0.1mm concentricity over 5.43 metre pitch) and critical quality standards. For example, water jet profiling – UT check for laminations – controlled electrical preheat – sequenced welding to balance weld shrinkage – finish machining of critical features – control of dissimilar metals.

Subsequently, our experienced construction team removed, refitted and commissioned all four watertight gondola doors (each weighing 4.5 tonnes) and bearing assemblies over a three-month period. The doors were lifted using a mobile crane that was attached to four purpose built lifting brackets. This allowed the doors to be raised at 45 degrees whilst being winched carefully away from the wheel.

Other works included the replacement of the hydraulic cylinders, hydraulic accumulators, bearing assemblies, taper locks, door levers, shaft-arm assembly, door seals, bushes and new welded brackets.

The contract was led by Mike Tuxworth (Project Engineer) who commented ‘We were thrilled to work on the wheel and equally delighted that it is now complete and can be enjoyed by the general public. Given its unique design, a number of complex engineering problems presented during the works but thankfully, we were able to overcome these difficulties by adopting a collaborative approach. The client is very pleased with the end result and we very much look forward to working with Amco Giffen in the future should such an opportunity arise’.

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