Wright Engineering has invested in the latest electrostatic painting system for its spray shop, located at its headquarters in Worksop.

Electrostatic painting is a process of using a magnetic field to apply to metals and various types of plastics. It is based on the principle that “opposites attract”. The object to be painted is given a negative charge, and the paint is given a positive charge. The paint is then atomised through a special round revolving nozzle. The object attracts the paint – it is not sprayed on, instead it is plated on. The result is a durable, smooth and hard paint finish that is superior to conventional painting methods.

The process is both efficient and environmentally friendly. Indeed, there is a 98% rate of paint transfer to the object that is being sprayed. As such, there is practically no overspray meaning less paint particles are released into the air. The result is an improvement in air quality and a safer working environment.

Staff have been given comprehensive training on the new process which is now in full operation and has been utilised on several contracts in recent weeks.

Chris Boden-Hook (Managing Director) commented “Utilising an electrostatic paint process provides an excellent finish quality and a very high transfer efficiency leading to cost savings for paint, faster production times and less clean-up. It is important that we continue to invest in systems that will move the business forward and demonstrate to our clients that we can offer the very best services.”