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Tarmac Mountsorrel – Screenhouse

Exterior of Mountsorrel Screenhouse - Alternative Angle

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Contract Name
Mountsorrel Screenhouse
Contract Value
Contract Duration
12 Months


When a fire destroyed the Screening Building at Mountsorrel Quarry in late 2022, Tarmac commissioned a replacement from Wright Engineering. The challenge was dual-fold: rapidly reconstructing the indispensable facility and ensuring the new structure adhered to contemporary industry standards, all within a remarkably tight timeline.

The Challenge

The loss of the Screening Building presented a multifaceted problem. The necessity to swiftly replace the lost infrastructure was compounded by the requirement for the new facility to mirror its predecessor, albeit with updates to meet modern design standards. This directive introduced additional complexity to the project, requiring a meticulous approach to design, procurement, and construction to meet the exacting demands of Tarmac within the stipulated timeframe.

Our Solution

Chosen for this critical task, Wright Engineering embarked on the project with a clear objective: not only to reconstruct the Screening Building but to infuse the new structure with advanced technologies and design philosophies. This undertaking aimed at enhancing efficiency, sustainability, and compliance, showcasing Wright Engineering’s comprehensive capabilities in navigating through the intricacies of such a demanding project.

Results and Impact

The collaborative synergy between Tarmac and Wright Engineering culminated in the successful completion and commissioning of the new facility, well within the set deadlines. The project’s completion was a triumph of operational restoration and enhancement, showcasing:

Installation of 13 new belt conveyors, 3 modified conveyors, and 12 belt feeders.
Inclusion of 12 tilt chutes, 6 helmet doors, 4 sizers, and 12 screens.
Erection of 1400 tonnes of steel to support the advanced screening equipment, along with the creation of 6 material bins with capacity for a significant volume of crushed granite.

The project, completed over 12 months with the steel erection phase accomplished in just 6 months, exemplifies the efficiency, agility, and commitment of the project team in delivering a solution that not only matched but surpassed the original facility’s capabilities.


The reconstruction of the Mountsorrel Quarry Screening Building is a remarkable testament to the resilience, innovation, and collaboration of Wright Engineering and Tarmac. The project team’s unwavering dedication led to the rapid and successful completion of the new facility, ensuring Tarmac’s continuous leadership in the market.

This major project, achieved over 12 months, stands as a beacon of operational excellence, underscoring Wright Engineering’s capacity for meticulous planning and execution under pressure. The comprehensive design and implementation strategy, covering civil, structural, process, and electrical aspects, was not only vital for the quarry’s operations but also set a new benchmark for future endeavours.

As Tarmac and Wright Engineering continue to forge ahead, the insights and innovations born from this project will undoubtedly shape future projects, driving them towards greater efficiency and success. The Mountsorrel Quarry Screening Building project is more than a recovery effort; it’s a forward leap in engineering excellence, paving the way for future advancements in the industry.

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