Silos, Hoppers & Vessels / Robust & High Performance Solutions

Silos, Hoppers & Vessels

Design and manufacture of storage silos, hoppers and vessels for a range of applications

Silos, Hoppers and Vessels

An outstanding record of fabricating and constructing steel silos for both raw materials and liquid storage

Wright Engineering manufacture robust, high-performance silos to suit all types and quantities of material and can design and manufacture to the specific requirements of your process. We have designed, fabricated and constructed silos for all the major industries and our experience in the bulk storage market places us as the leading fabricator in this field. Many silos are often designed to fit within confined areas of operating sites, in these cases, jacking construction techniques can be utilised to allow for safe construction at low level.

In most cases, silos form part of a larger scope whereby feed and discharge means are supplied by Wright Engineering also. Our materials handling expertise enables us to accurately specifiy and design both elements ensuring client and product requirements are met on all counts.

Standard & Bespoke Solutions

We can develop silos to store everything from foodstuffs and volatile chemicals to fine powders, fibrous materials or cohesive products. In addition, we offer a range of standard silo sizes in carbon steel and stainless steel. Our state-of-the-art manufacturing facilities enable us to fabricate complete, ready-to-install storage vessels up to 5 metres in diameter. Tanks, hoppers an vessels also fall within our field of expertise having designed many to suit bespoke applications. Accompanying silo accessories and safety systems are available for supply also enabling the delivery or ‘turnkey’ silos.

Our Silo range includes a multitude of options and specifications, which includes, but is not limited to…

  • Heat transfer jacket according to the thermal duty and media available
  • Options for electric trace heating for temperature maintenance applications
  • Vertical or horizontal agitation
  • Cone bottom skirt supported design (often used in sugar applications)
  • Venting filters and explosion venting
  • Fluidised discharging arrangements
  • Dehumidification
  • Weight management via load cell mounting

Wright Engineering
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