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Delivering successful solutions continues to sustain our enviable position in the market

Wright Engineering Recycling Solutions

Providing the UK Waste Recycling Industry sector with a variety of services and solutions for more than 25 years

Wright Engineering offers the U.K. Waste and Recycling Industry sector with a variety of services. Wright Engineering has been providing the UK Waste Recycling Industry with a variety of services for the past 25 years. Our materials handling expertise, honed in the rugged environment of quarries and building materials, has enabled us to provide complete project solutions to this growing industrial sector.

Waste & Recycling Industry Services

Recent years have seen the recycling industry grow tenfold boosting the need for services our company provides. Having spent years in the mining and quarrying industry designing, installing and commissioning equipment for the most rugged of environments the waste recycle industry continues to present new challenges, fortunately our experienced team of engineers continue to deliver successful solutions to our customers giving Wright Engineering an enviable position in the market.

From installing proprietary equipment through to process engineering a bespoke solution, we have the experience and resource to complete any and all requirements.

Wright Engineering have also been employed at new waste recycling facilities to provide installation & commissioning labour, supervision and management. These site teams have installed client supplied plant and equipment to tight timescales, safely and efficiently.

Wright Engineering
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