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Drax Power

Drax Power - Pedestrian Foot Bridge

Drax Power - Pedestrian Foot Bridge

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Drax Power
Contract Name
Pedestrian Foot Bridge
Contract Value
Contract Duration
4 months

Wright Engineering completed the construction and installation of a new permanent pedestrian footbridge for Drax Power, replacing an existing temporary scaffold bridge. This crucial infrastructure links a low-level smoking area to an upper level in the coal transfer house and traverses a set of train lines, demonstrating a significant engineering feat.

The Challenge

Underground Services: The discovery of below-ground services at the construction site presented a major challenge, requiring an alternative civil design approach.

Complex Construction: The location and nature of the bridge, passing over train lines, added to the complexity of the construction process.

Wright Engineering’s Approach

Innovative Design: A revised civil design was developed to accommodate the newly discovered underground services, ensuring the bridge’s structural integrity and safety.

Efficient Construction: Despite the challenges and complexities, Wright Engineering effectively managed the construction process, ensuring that the bridge was built to the highest standards.


On-Time Completion: The pedestrian footbridge was successfully installed within the stipulated four-month timeframe.

On-Budget Delivery: The project was completed on budget, demonstrating Wright Engineering’s efficiency in resource management.

Client Satisfaction: The successful completion of the bridge significantly enhanced the functionality and safety of the site, leading to the client’s delight.


The Pedestrian Foot Bridge project for Drax Power is a prime example of Wright Engineering’s ability to navigate complex engineering challenges and deliver high-quality infrastructure. The successful installation of the bridge, despite the unexpected challenges, underscores our adaptability, technical expertise, and commitment to meeting client needs. This project exemplifies our capability to execute intricate constructions on time and within budget, reinforcing our reputation as a reliable and skilled engineering service provider.

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