Etex Building Performance / Gypsum Calcination Plant

Etex Building Performance

Etex Building Performance - Gypsum Calcination Plant

Etex Building Performance - Gypsum Calcination Plant

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Etex Building Performance
Contract Name
Gypsum Calcination Plant
Contract Value
£2.9 million
Contract Duration
12 months

Wright Engineering is thrilled to have completed its latest project on behalf of Etex Building Performance UK (‘EBP’).

EBP (part of the Etex Group) manufactures drywall products and systems for partitions, ceilings, wall linings and external sheathing purposes.

The works (performed under a consortium agreement led by Claudius Peters Projects (‘CPP’)) involved the design, manufacture, delivery and installation of a new milling and calcining system capable of processing natural gypsum, desulphogypsum and reclaim.

Wright Engineering designed the steelwork using its Tekla 3D modelling software, ensuring a precision fit for the CPP processing equipment. This meticulous approach was imperative given that the structure required the company to manufacture over 250 tonnes of Execution Class 2 steelwork upon which 250 tonnes of equipment and ducting was placed. Further works by Wright Engineering included all field wiring and testing, a full building envelope and liaising with the local authority in respect of building regulation compliance.

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At its peak, the company had a dedicated on-site team of 40 staff and subcontractors working diligently on the installation.

The conclusion of the above project marked the end of three high-value contracts awarded to Wright Engineering by Etex in connection with the development of its Ferrybridge site. Indeed, the company recently manufactured and installed (1) a new reclaim plant equipped with an ACTA recycling crusher; and (2) two mill feed conveyors with a processing capacity of 60 tonnes per hour.

Josh Jepson (Sales Director) commented We are delighted that Wright Engineering were able to transform EBP’s process with an innovative turnkey solution. The company continues to prove that it has the requisite expertise to execute complicated projects and is fast becoming the go to contractor for industry leading companies wanting to invest in and expand on their current operation.