Tarmac / Torcoed Quarry Crusher Refurbishment


Tarmac - Torcoed Quarry Crusher Refurbishment

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Contract Name
Torcoed Quarry Crusher Refurbishment
Contract Value
Contract Duration
2 weeks

Wright Engineering successfully completed the first phase of a crucial refurbishment project for Tarmac’s primary crusher. The project was strategically planned during the Christmas shutdown, necessitating a highly efficient and timely execution to ensure minimal disruption to Tarmac’s operations.

The Challenge

Tight Timeframe: The refurbishment had to be completed within the limited window of the Christmas shutdown, a critical period for Tarmac to minimise operational disruptions.

Unexpected Discoveries: Upon dismantling the old equipment, it was discovered that several additional components required replacement, adding complexity and urgency to the project.

Wright Engineering’s Approach

Round-the-Clock Workforce: To meet the tight deadline, Wright Engineering deployed teams to work both day and night shifts, ensuring continuous progress.

Rapid Response to Unforeseen Issues: The unexpected need for additional component replacements demanded a swift and efficient solution. Measurements were taken on-site, and the information was promptly relayed back to our main facility.

Manufacturing During Shutdown: In response to the unforeseen challenges, several tonnes of steelwork were manufactured over the Christmas period at our main facility. This proactive approach was crucial in avoiding any delays to the scheduled shutdown duration.

Results and Impact

The first phase of the primary crusher refurbishment was completed successfully and on time, enabling the plant to resume operations immediately after the Christmas break. The project showcased Wright Engineering’s ability to adapt quickly to unexpected challenges and deliver high-quality work within stringent time constraints.


This refurbishment project for Tarmac highlights Wright Engineering’s commitment to delivering efficient and timely solutions, even in the face of unforeseen challenges. Our ability to adapt and respond swiftly, coupled with our dedication to working around the clock, ensured that Tarmac’s operations could restart without delay. The project stands as a testament to our expertise in managing complex refurbishment tasks within tight deadlines.

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