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PJD - Ash Handling & Processing System

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Contract Name
Ash Handling & Processing System
Contract Value
Contract Duration
5 months

Wright Engineering successfully undertook the design and installation of an innovative waste ash processing plant for PJD. This project involved creating a system that could handle washed ash from a pneumatically conveyed supply and store it in a new 200T capacity silo, with subsequent distribution through a sophisticated conveying system.

The Challenge

The primary challenge in this project was navigating height restrictions imposed by planning permissions, which presented significant design complexities. Additionally, the project required a solution that could avoid intricate fabrication and transport challenges.

Wright Engineering’s Solution

Silo Installation: A 200T capacity silo was designed to receive and store washed ash, ensuring efficient material handling.

Controlled Feeding System: The system included a controlled feed mechanism that discharged ash through a sieve station into chain conveyors for distribution.

Distribution Mechanism: The ash was then channelled into two streams. One went through a conditioning screw into a storage building, while the other was lifted into a second storage silo. This silo was equipped to pneumatically convey the material to its final destination.

Design Innovations: To overcome the height constraints, a bolted design was utilised. This approach not only resolved the height issues but also simplified the fabrication and transportation processes.

Results and Impact

The installation of the waste ash processing plant significantly improved the efficiency of material handling and distribution for PJD. Wright Engineering’s innovative design approach effectively addressed the unique challenges of the project, including height restrictions and potential fabrication difficulties.


This project demonstrates Wright Engineering’s ability to deliver customised solutions in complex operational environments. Our adaptive design approach and problem-solving capabilities were key in overcoming the challenges presented by planning restrictions and logistical constraints. The successful completion of the waste ash processing plant for PJD underscores our commitment to providing versatile and efficient engineering solutions.

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