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RFS World
Contract Name
Long-Range Frequency Antenna
Contract Value
Contract Duration
6 months

Wright Engineering was approached by Australia-based RFS World to assist in the fabrication of long-range frequency antennas. This collaboration arose due to RFS World’s challenges with previous suppliers in Macedonia and Poland, which included quality issues and a lack of CE certification, making their products unsaleable in the UK and other markets.

The Challenge

RFS World faced significant setbacks with their existing suppliers due to inferior fabrications and the absence of crucial CE certification. This adversely affected their ability to sell their products in key markets. They needed a reliable partner who could not only deliver high-quality fabrications but also ensure compliance with regulatory standards.

Wright Engineering’s Solution

Fabrication Quality: Wright Engineering stepped in to provide the necessary expertise in the fabrication of level 12, 5-sided antennas. Our focus was on delivering products that met both the quality expectations and regulatory standards.

Initial Orders: The first two orders included fabricating antennas for Elmley More and Sudbury locations. These projects were executed with precision and adherence to the highest quality standards.

Regulatory Compliance: Attention was given to ensuring that all fabrications met CE certification requirements, making them viable for sale in the UK and other markets.

Results and Relationship

The successful execution of the initial orders led to an immediate improvement in RFS World’s product quality and market compliance. The antennas fabricated by Wright Engineering not only met but exceeded the client’s expectations, leading to a burgeoning working relationship.


The collaboration with RFS World highlights Wright Engineering’s capacity to deliver superior-quality fabrications and navigate complex regulatory requirements. Our ability to step in and rectify issues left by previous suppliers demonstrates our commitment to quality and client satisfaction. The ongoing relationship with RFS World and the continuation of further fabrications is a testament to the success of our initial engagement and our standing as a trusted partner in the engineering industry.

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