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Firbeck Construction
Contract Name
Grapple Arm & Cabin
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Contract Duration
5 months

Wright Engineering played a pivotal role in enhancing the operational efficiency of Hemswell Biogas, a leading food waste processor in Lincolnshire.

Tasked with designing, manufacturing, and installing an innovative system for transferring material from the pit into the crusher, Wright Engineering introduced a solution that significantly improved safety and reduced manpower requirements.

The Challenge

Innovative Solution Required: Before the commencement of construction at Hemswell Biogas, Wright Engineering was approached to devise an alternative to the traditional ‘rubber duck’ method for transferring material.

Safety and Efficiency: The key objectives were to reduce manpower requirements and substantially increase safety during the material transfer process.

Wright Engineering’s Solution

Hydraulic Grab System: A 14m hydraulic grab was engineered to replace the conventional method. This system allowed for remote operation, significantly enhancing safety and operational efficiency.

Control Cabin Design: Additionally, Wright Engineering designed and installed a control cabin, providing operators with complete visibility of the process.

Enhanced Safety and Efficiency: The new system not only reduced the need for manual intervention but also increased safety factors significantly, benefiting Firbeck Construction’s operations at the site.


The implementation of the hydraulic grab system was a resounding success. It demonstrated Wright Engineering’s ability to innovate and provide custom solutions tailored to specific operational needs. The project significantly improved the safety and efficiency of material transfer at Hemswell Biogas, setting a new standard for the industry.


This project with Hemswell Biogas exemplifies Wright Engineering’s expertise in designing and implementing bespoke engineering solutions that address unique operational challenges. By introducing a safer, more efficient system for material transfer, Wright Engineering has reinforced its reputation as a leader in innovative engineering solutions, capable of enhancing operational safety and efficiency in complex industrial environments.

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