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Keppel Seghers

Keppel Seghers - Day Works & Various Packages

Keppel Seghers - Day Works & Various Packages

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Keppel Seghers
Contract Name
Day Works & Various Packages
Contract Value
Contract Duration
40 months

Wright Engineering played a crucial role in the development of a Waste to Power Plant in Runcorn, Manchester, UK, under the EPC contract awarded to Keppel Seghers, a global supplier of waste-to-energy technology. Over 3.5 years, we provided comprehensive labour services for the supervision and installation of various fabrications and equipment, alongside managing additional responsibilities in secondary steelwork.

The Challenge

Complex Installations: Our team was tasked with the supervision and installation of numerous free-issue fabrications and pieces of equipment.

Adaptable Solutions: We were also responsible for securing multiple variations for the design, supply, and installation of secondary steelwork packages.

Navigating Labour Troubles: Amidst union action causing labour issues, it was imperative for Wright Engineering to maintain a stable and effective workforce.

Our Solution

Dedicated Labour Services: We provided skilled labour services, ensuring effective supervision and precise installation of the plant components.

Secondary Steelwork Expertise: Our team successfully managed and executed several variations in secondary steelwork, demonstrating our versatility and technical proficiency.

Maintaining Strong Client Relationships: Despite the labour challenges, we sustained a strong and reputable relationship with Keppel Seghers, establishing ourselves as a reliable and essential subcontractor for critical operations.


Throughout the project, Wright Engineering demonstrated a steadfast commitment to quality and reliability, even in the face of significant labour challenges. Our ability to adapt to changing requirements and maintain a strong client relationship was pivotal in the successful execution of critical operations, where other contractors faced difficulties.


The Waste to Power Plant project for Keppel Seghers stands as a testament to our ability to handle large-scale industrial projects with precision and adaptability. Our role in successfully navigating through complex labour and installation challenges reaffirms our position as a leading subcontractor in the engineering sector. This project not only highlights our technical capabilities but also our commitment to maintaining robust client relationships in challenging environments.

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