Saint Gobain (Isover) / Replacement of Extract Ducting

Saint Gobain

Saint Gobain (Isover) - Replacement of Extract Ducting

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Saint Gobain (Isover)
Contract Name
Replacement of Extract Ducting
Contract Value
£1.6 million
Contract Duration
10 months

Wright Engineering has completed an important, high-value contract on behalf of one of its major clients, Saint Gobain.

The scope of works required the replacement of end-of-life discharge ducting which formed part the forming fan, oven and furnace extraction system. This critical plant system is responsible for the removal and dissipation (via the main site stack) of all fumes from the aforementioned areas.

The design of the ducting was completed by Wright Engineering’s experienced in-house design team using the latest design software packages including Tekla 3D modelling. Upon commencement of the project, a 3D laser scan was taken to enable point cloud modelling of the existing ducting, which acted as a key point of reference when plotting and overlaying the new design.

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Each section of the ducting was dealt with separately before joining the sections together to finalise the overall design. This process ensured that the design work was of the highest quality and done in accordance with all relevant standards and specifications.

Wright Engineering fabricated 70 tonnes of stainless-steel ducting and galvanised the supporting structural steelwork at its production facility, located in Worksop. The ducting and steelwork were subsequently installed by skilled company operatives during a 9-week shutdown period.