Hitachi Zoven Innova / Installation of Laser Platforms

Hitachi Zoven Innova

Hitachi Zoven Innova - Installation of Laser Platforms

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Hitachi Zoven Innova
Contract Name
Installation of Laser Platforms
Contract Value
Contract Duration
Two weeks

Wright Engineering completed the intricate project of transporting and installing three laser platforms into a waste bunker for Hitachi Zosen Inova. Despite being a lower-value contract, the complexity and precision required for this project were substantial, showcasing Wright Engineering’s technical prowess and problem-solving capabilities.

Project Details

Challenge and Approach

Load Calculations: Detailed calculations were essential to ensure that the roof structure of the waste bunker could safely support the load beams for the laser platforms.

Transportation Method: Utilising an electric hoist, the materials were carefully transported to the waste bunker, requiring meticulous planning and execution.

Assembly and Installation: The laser platforms were pre-assembled within the confines of the bunker. The final positioning involved skating the assembled platforms into their designated locations.

Technical Expertise

The project demanded high engineering expertise, particularly in handling heavy materials in a confined and structurally sensitive environment. The team’s proficiency in engineering calculations and material handling was crucial in ensuring the safe and efficient completion of the project.

Project Complexity

Despite its relatively low value, this project was characterised by its complexity. It required a harmonious blend of precision, engineering knowledge, and innovative installation techniques. Wright Engineering’s ability to navigate these challenges effectively was a testament to our team’s adaptability and skill.


The successful installation of laser platforms at Hitachi Zosen Inova’s waste bunker is a prime example of Wright Engineering’s ability to execute complex engineering projects with precision and expertise. While modest in monetary value, this project was significant in terms of the technical challenges it presented and our ability to overcome them. It reinforces Wright Engineering’s reputation as a leader in innovative solutions, capable of delivering on projects of varied scopes and complexities.

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