Blue Phoenix Group / Ferrybridge IBA Processing Facility

Blue Phoenix Group

Blue Phoenix Group - Ferrybridge IBA Processing Facility

Blue Phoenix Group - Ferrybridge IBA Processing Facility

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Blue Phoenix Group
Contract Name
Ferrybridge IBA Processing Facility
Contract Value
£3.4 million
Contract Duration
10 months

Wright Engineering is delighted to have completed a major project on behalf of the Blue Phoenix Group (previously known as Ballast Phoenix).

The Blue Phoenix Group is the leading IBA aggregate producer in the United Kingdom. The company operate several facilities that process over 1.5 million tonnes of IBA per annum, with the resulting aggregate product having a variety of uses within the construction industry.

In December 2018, the Blue Phoenix Group contracted with Wright Engineering to design, build, install and commission a state-of-the-art incinerator bottom ash processing plant at its Ferrybridge site. At the time, the value of the contract was the largest single order in Wright Engineering’s 30-year history.

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The design of the processing plant was undertaken by Wright Engineering’s experienced in-house design team using the latest AutoCAD 2D and Tekla 3D modelling software. The design team adopted a collaborative approach, working closely with Blue Phoenix Group personnel to ensure that the plant design was meticulous and in accordance with project requirements.

The scope of works was extensive and included the fabrication (at Wright Engineering’s production facilities) and installation of conveyors, material separators, an intake hopper and over 110-tonnes of execution class 2 structural steelwork along with the integration of feeders, over-band magnets, an impactor, a trommel, a screen, dust filters, non-ferrous separators and a crusher.

Finally, Wright Engineering was tasked with the design, supply and installation of the plant control system and all field wiring. This portion of the works was managed by its electrical services division and completed in partnership with a nominated electrical contractor that had worked on similar projects for the Blue Phoenix Group.

As with any project of this size and complexity, certain works were challenging, particularly the lifting and installation of a 13-tonne trommel and a 17-tonne screen, the latter requiring the design and fabrication by Wright Engineering of bespoke spreader beams due to the limited on-site space.

Now complete, the plant can process over 300,000 tonnes of IBA per annum, organises the aggregate into size fractions according to customer specification and removes ferrous and non- ferrous metals which are sent for further re-processing and reuse.