British Sugar / Feed Dryers and Drag Chain Conveyors

British Sugar

British Sugar - Feed Dryers and Drag Chain Conveyors

British Sugar
Contract Name
Feed Dryers and Drag Chain Conveyors
Contract Value
Contract Duration
4 weeks

The project entailed a comprehensive overhaul and repair of two critical animal feed dryers. In addition, Wright Engineering was tasked with the installation of several key components:

New Drag Chain Conveyor: Essential for efficient material handling within the factory.

Silencer and Chute Work: Implemented to enhance operational efficiency and safety.

Lifting Beams and Louvers: Installed on the building elevation to improve functionality and ventilation.

Multiple Ductwork Changeovers: To optimise the factory’s airflow and processing capabilities.

Various Maintenance Tasks: Performed meticulously during the factory outage to minimise downtime and ensure seamless operations post-maintenance.

Challenges and Execution

The project required precise coordination and execution, given the variety of tasks and the need to minimise disruption to the factory’s operations. Wright Engineering’s team brought its extensive experience to ensure each aspect of the project was completed to the highest standards, within the set timeframes.

Impact and Results

The successful completion of this project at British Sugar’s Cantley factory not only enhanced the operational efficiency of the facility but also reinforced Wright Engineering’s reputation for delivering top-tier industrial engineering solutions. The installation and repair works have contributed to the improved functionality and longevity of the factory’s essential components.


This project with British Sugar at Cantley factory underscores Wright Engineering’s ability to execute a wide range of engineering tasks, from intricate installations to critical maintenance. Our commitment to quality and efficiency is evident in the successful completion of this project, and we look forward to continuing our partnership with British Sugar, contributing our expertise to their future endeavours.

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