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Align JV (HS2)

Align JV (HS2) - Water Treatment Plant Installation

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Align JV (HS2)
Contract Name
Water Treatment Plant Installation
Contract Value
Contract Duration
8 weeks

Wright Engineering played a pivotal role in the HS2 project, particularly in Section C1, managed by the Align Joint-Venture. This section encompassed two significant tunnel excavations, known as TBM 1 and TBM 2, extending 16km in total. A critical requirement for these works was an efficient water treatment plant, capable of treating all excess water generated from the tunnelling operations, batching plant, and surface runoff.

The Challenge

The primary challenge in this project was the installation of a water treatment plant within the tight timeframe of 8 weeks. The plant was crucial for managing the environmental impact of the tunnel excavations, necessitating a meticulous and efficient installation process. The plant needed to effectively separate grease and oil, ensuring the treated water had the correct pH level for reuse on-site and safe discharge into the natural environment.

Wright Engineering’s Solution

Installation of Water Treatment Plant

Scope: Wright Engineering was entrusted with the full installation of the water treatment plant, supplied by AlignJV.

Process: Our team meticulously planned and executed the installation, ensuring every component functioned seamlessly to meet the project’s environmental and operational requirements.

Environmental Compliance: A key aspect of the installation was to ensure the plant could process water to meet the stringent standards set by the Environmental Agency, allowing for its reuse and safe discharge.

Impact and Results

The completion of the water treatment plant installation was a significant milestone for the HS2 Section C1 project. Wright Engineering’s expertise ensured the plant was installed efficiently and effectively, playing a vital role in the project’s environmental management strategy. The plant’s ability to treat water to the required standards exemplifies our commitment to sustainable and responsible engineering solutions.


This project showcases Wright Engineering’s ability to deliver crucial infrastructure under challenging conditions and tight deadlines. Our involvement in the prestigious HS2 project, particularly in the successful installation of the water treatment plant, highlights our dedication to contributing to major national infrastructure projects. We eagerly anticipate continuing our support for AlignJV in bringing this monumental project to fruition.

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