Align JV (HS2) / WTP Transfer Pipework & Pontoons

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Align JV (HS2) - WTP Transfer Pipework & Pontoons

Align JV (HS2) - WTP Transfer Pipework & Pontoons

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Align JV (HS2)
Contract Name
WTP Transfer Pipework & Pontoons
Contract Value
Contract Duration
4 weeks

Wright Engineering was commissioned by Align JV, a key contractor in the HS2 project, to undertake the crucial task of connecting sedimentation and attenuation ponds to the water treatment plant at the South portal compound. This project was a testament to our versatility and capability in handling complex engineering challenges.

The Challenge

The primary challenge lay in efficiently connecting Pond 1 and Pond 2 to the water treatment plant. This required precise planning and execution, considering the project’s environmental sensitivity and the need for minimal disruption to the ongoing HS2 works. Moreover, ensuring the effective control of water levels through state-of-the-art EC&I (Electrical, Control, and Instrumentation) for the submersible pumps was paramount.

Wright Engineering’s Solution

Supply and Installation

Pipework: Over 170 meters of black pipework were supplied, using electro-fusion connections for robust and leak-proof joining.

Hydrostatic Pressure Testing: Each segment was rigorously tested at 10Bar for a minimum duration of one hour, ensuring the integrity and reliability of the connections.

EC&I: Control levels were managed via four submersible pumps installed across the three water treatment ponds, necessitating the integration of advanced control systems.

Pontoons: In collaboration with Wardle Marine Services, we installed three pontoons using ‘modular cubes’ attached to a fabricated frame. This innovative approach ensured stability and reliability in the water treatment process.

Results and Impact

Wright Engineering successfully executed the project within the tight four-week timeframe, demonstrating not only our technical expertise but also our ability to deliver efficient solutions under pressure. The successful connection of the ponds to the water treatment plant marked a significant contribution to the HS2 project, showcasing our commitment to precision and excellence in engineering solutions.


This project with Align JV highlights Wright Engineering’s adaptability and proficiency in executing diverse and challenging projects. Our involvement in the HS2 project, particularly with the WTP Transfer Pipework & Pontoons, underlines our commitment to delivering high-quality engineering solutions. We look forward to continuing our collaboration with Align JV, contributing our expertise to the monumental HS2 project and shaping the future of UK infrastructure.

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