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Align JV (HS2) - WTP Transfer Pipework & Pontoons

Align JV (HS2) - WTP Transfer Pipework & Pontoons

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Align JV (HS2)
Contract Name
WTP Transfer Pipework & Pontoons
Contract Value
Contract Duration
4 weeks

The works included the supply & installation of necessary elements to connect the sedimentation pond to the attenuation pond (Pond’s 1 & 2) to the water treatment plant located in South portal compound of Align JV. Once connected Wright Engineering also supplied EC&I for the control levels via 4x submersible pumps installed in the 3 water treatment ponds.

This included the supply of over 170mtrs of black pipework, jointed by electro fusion connections all of which being hydrostatically pressure tested at 10Bar for a duration of at least 1 hour.

Wright Engineering also supplied and installed 3x pontoons using Wardle Marine Services ‘modular cubes’ connected to a fabricated frame.

The company continuous to demonstrate that is has the requisite skill and expertise to execute a wide variety of projects for the mammoth HS2 project and it looks forward to working with Align JV in the future.

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