Morgan Sindall / Kings Troop RHA Biomass Re-Design

Morgan Sindall

Morgan Sindall - Kings Troop RHA Biomass

Morgan Sindall - Kings Troop RHA Biomass

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Morgan Sindall
Contract Name
Kings Troop RHA Biomass
Contract Value
Contract Duration
7 months

Morgan Sindall encountered significant challenges with their biomass plant, which led them to enlist our services for a comprehensive redesign and relocation. The project entailed not just a reconfiguration of the existing setup but also the manufacturing and installation of new materials handling equipment and secondary steelwork packages.

Understanding Biomass Plants

Biomass Plant Functionality: Biomass plants are facilities where organic materials, like wood and agricultural waste, are converted into energy. This process involves combustion or biochemical conversion to produce heat, electricity, or biofuel.

Importance in Energy Sector: These plants are crucial in the renewable energy sector, providing a sustainable alternative to fossil fuels and helping reduce carbon footprints.

The Challenge

Supply Chain Difficulties: Morgan Sindall’s biomass plant was underperforming due to initial supply chain issues, affecting its efficiency and output.

Comprehensive Overhaul Required: The project scope included redesigning the plant layout, relocating existing equipment, and integrating new components.

Our Solution

Redesign and Relocation: We tackled the complex task of reconfiguring the biomass plant, ensuring improved efficiency and functionality. This involved meticulous planning and execution to relocate existing equipment without disrupting plant operations.

Manufacturing and Installation: Alongside the redesign, we manufactured and installed new materials handling equipment to enhance the operational flow of the plant. Secondary steelwork packages were also developed and integrated, reinforcing the plant’s infrastructure.


Enhanced Plant Performance: The redesign and relocation significantly improved the performance and efficiency of the biomass plant, aligning it with Morgan Sindall’s operational goals.

Successful Integration: The new equipment and steelwork were seamlessly integrated, elevating the plant’s overall functionality.


The biomass plant project for Morgan Sindall showcases our ability to address complex challenges in the renewable energy sector. Our expertise in engineering solutions enabled us to successfully redesign and relocate the plant, enhancing its performance and sustainability. This project highlights our commitment to supporting the transition to renewable energy sources and our capability to deliver comprehensive industrial solutions.

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